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In Myskah have considerably approached to the decision a garage question

Inhabitants Myskov have rebelled against occurrence of metal garages in court yard, on lawns and children`s playgrounds. Urban services have approached to the decision of this question seriously. Within the limits of realisation of the General layout of building of a city they have started to transfer metal garages to specially taken away places. New platforms for garages became area of warehouses of Joint-Stock Company Kuzbas - Kentek in the central part of a city and severo - the western area of a garage society Energetik in state district power station microdistrict. Many owners of garages with understanding concern the given work, independently dismantle the garages and establish them on new legalised a place. But some do not wish to clean the garages. Therefore the city administration is urged to solve these questions through judicial instances and compulsorily to dismantle garages. Work on putting in order in a garage question Will proceed and further. Ownerless garages will be dismantled by urban services administratively, informs a press - service AKO.