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The drunk reckless driver, seeking safety in flight from militia, has driven in a children`s playground

All has begun with the anonymous posting in dezhurku ROVD the cities of Kargat of the Novosibirsk region -   the pier, on a city drives Volga smetaja on the way all and everything, the driver - in an insole drunk

- On detention of the reckless driver has left the chief of traffic police of area together with the inspector of traffic police, - tell pravoohraniteli. -   the Car stood on one of streets, in it the driver sat.

GAI officers left an official car, expecting already that will speak: your documents and further under the text. As the driver Volga has pressed on gases.

-   the Car hardly has not brought down the inspector, - have told in traffic police of the Novosibirsk region. - having driven some metres, the reckless driver has at great speed started to bring in a ditch,   practically having flown through it, Volga Has left on the platform located near the private house which played three children.

Two children had time to jump aside from the car, and 4 - the summer kid was not in time... The child has died on the spot.

-   the Driver has been detained, - GAI officers speak, - examination has shown that it was in heavy degree of alcoholic intoxication. He has drunk more than one litre of moonshine

Ill fate, but the kid who was lost under wheels of the infernal car, has appeared the nephew of the murderer at the wheel.

- it is valid, by a consequence it is established that 20 - summer mother of the lost child is the cousin of the driver, - have confirmed to us in department of propagation of traffic police across the Novosibirsk region. - now the driver is detained and is in a temporary detention facility.

the scene General plan.
a photo: it is given UGIBDD on NSO