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JAroslavets has stolen from shop a female raincoat and a skirt

On Tuesday, on September, 2nd, at about noon in manufactured goods store on the prospectus of Pilots the usual enamoured couple has glanced. The guy with the girl lovely looked each other in eyes and kissed directly in a trading floor. Only for a while they unclenched embraces when the girl left in a fitting room with the thing which has pleasant to it. As if model, it straightened out a curtain and appeared before the young man in a new thing. He went gaga over. Like anything suspicious in actions of young men was not, but nevertheless the security guard began to observe steadfastly of them and it is not vain.

There is a guy has thrust to itself for a bosom any thing. But when a couple   has decided to leave   from shop, the security guard   has pressed the disturbing button. The militiamen who have arrived into place have found out a raincoat and a skirt in the young man, in the total cost of 2 thousand roubles which he has managed to put by under a jacket. Stolen at once have withdrawn and have returned in shop, and the guy delivered in Zavolzhsky ROVD and have already filed criminal charges under article Theft .