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The French police has detained suspects on the case of letters with Sarkozy threats

the French police has detained nine persons on the case of sending of letters with threats and bullets to the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy and ministers, pass the French mass-media.

From the end of last year the French politicians belonging to party in power the Union for national movement (UMP), have started to receive letters with threats and cartridges of a large-caliber fowling piece. Sarkozy became addressees three times, letters sent to Ministers of Internal Affairs, justices and cultures, to mayors of Bordeaux and Beze.

According to mass-media, unknown persons threatened with punishment and demanded, including, to release Zhulena Kupa (suspected of damage of railroad lines) and Ivan Kolonnu (the Corsican fighter for the independence, recognised guilty of murder of the prefect).

In March on this business law enforcement bodies have detained and have released 47 - the summer jobless programmer and the military man in a stock.

On Thursday it has appeared again among arrested persons - the police has detained in department Ero nine persons suspected of sending of letters. Inspectors while abstain from charges.

Departure of letters with life threats is punished under the French laws by imprisonment within three years and the penalty at a rate of 45 thousand euro, passes RIA Novosti news agency.