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Mazda has flown by through Mercedes

Today, on September, 3rd, in 16. 30, at the corner of street Republican, near to TSNTI there was a terrible road accident.

the Driver Mercedes left car-care centre on the main road and   has not found time to turn a head to check up, a leah is not present there what hindrance. At this time on a line on full speed rushed Mazda which driver in any way did not expect such dirty trick from - for a corner and has not had time to orient. The car has in full operation flown in moving a Mercedes also has taken down, as the razor, the cowl part, and after has still driven off metres on thirty.

Despite the strongest blow, the driver Mercedes has not suffered at all. And here on it   the car not to look without a bitter regret.  

the Owner Mazdas it was necessary to hospitalise urgently in Solovevsky hospital. The man has got very serious traumas, and from shock he still will recover not soon.