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Medvedev: India remains to one of foreign policy priorities of Russia

Development of relations with India was and remains to one of priority directions of foreign policy of Russia, the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has declared on Thursday.

Relations with India always were and, I am assured, will be one of the major foreign policy priorities of our country - he has told, acting on the solemn evening devoted to Year of India in Russia.

According to the head of the state, Russian - the Indian relations will develop successfully further that have confirmed the negotiations which have taken place on Thursday with the president of India.

Our strategic partnership, it will get stronger, as have confirmed our today`s negotiations with the madam the president. We have come to a uniform conclusion that many-sided cooperation between our countries corresponds to our general interests - Medvedev has told.

In turn the president of India Pratibha Patil has underlined importance for India developments of relations with Russia. According to the president of India, action of Year of India in Russia will have great value for the further development of relations between two countries.

In the end of the performance the president of India has said on - russki: Long live our friendship! passes RIA Novosti news agency.