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In the Chechen Republic large act of terrorism

Four   is prevented; young men were going to arrange in Grozny large act of terrorism. Not taken place suicide bombers are detained by forces of law enforcement bodies of the Chechen republic, from them are withdrawn   three belts filled with an explosive and amazing elements, and also Kalashnikov`s three automatic machines, a pistol of Makarova and ammunition.

Guys have already told that they gathered in belts of shahids   to get on territory Lenin ROVD in Grozny and to make large act of terrorism. According to arrested persons, to to exploit they were prepared by the Arabian mercenaries Yasser and Mohdan.   to Young kamikazes promised that after death   they will get in   paradise.

One of young men, except other,   has told to inspectors   In detail, as explosion on a way of the car of the chief of Shalinsky department of internal affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen republic, the Hero of Russia has been prepared and carried out by Magomeda Daudova.

As passes Interfax to the place of detention of three prospective terrorists there has urgently arrived the president of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

Thanks to operation thorough training, its carrying out, it was possible to prevent large acts of terrorism. It was entrusted to condemned men to carry out a series of explosions. Thus they planned to carry out in Grozny blasting in territory Lenin ROVD and in a mosque, also in a mosque of a city of the Shawl. It would lead to incalculable victims - Ramzan Kadyrov has noted.

As passes TV channel to Conduct the head of the Chechen republic has declared that already very soon brothers of Muslim and Hussein Gakaevy, Yasser, Mohdan and others will be destroyed.

We will allow to encroach to nobody on life of militiamen, women, old men, children - Ramzan Kadyrov has told.

Now republican law enforcement bodies establish accomplices of the detained terrorists.