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In Blagoveshchensk have passed doctrines of agents of national security

on September, 3rd 2009 at 13 o`clock 30 minutes of local time group of the armed persons in number of 5 persons has grasped the steam-ship with crewmen being onboard a vessel and workers. So the legend of doctrines begins.

Employees UFSB, the Department of Internal Affairs, PU UFSB, UFSIN, UFSKN and other agents of national security should release hostages with the minimum consequences and detain terrorists. Following the results of doctrines it was possible to them. However terrorists at least have wounded (again - taki on a legend) two hostages and have thrown out them for a board. Besides it, villains have blown up the car being nearby. Well and sappers have undermined a charge capacity in 200 gramme of trotyl the found out explosive.

In a result, after   three hours of the negotiations, all operation has come to the end with four-second storm - the special troops have fast braided terrorists while from coast them distracted shooting BMP, and from water - rushing boats.

Command notices that all tasks in view have been executed. An overall objective of such doctrines - studying of specificity of carrying out of counterterrorism operations on objects of a sailing charter.

Unique visible hitch left, when the fire-engine approached on burning object - journey as it happens often in our city, has blocked the car. This time - office.

Look many photo!