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On DVZHD seventy two cargo structures

the Situation stand idle has started to become complicated in the second quarter 2009 when the potential volume of transportations has sharply increased in a direction of port zones of the Far East. The basic cargoes with which unloading there was a problem, coal, oil products, metal - all about 4500 cars are. To the Vladivostok trading port the unloading 1272 cars with metal, Crab - 909 cars with oil products expect, port Poset - 600 cars with coal. As of August, 29th to ports of Primorski Krai and Khabarovsk territory 72 cargo structures stand idle.

Railwaymen blame for problems with cargo movement the stevedore companies. In a press - service DVZHD assert that the infrastructure of seaside ports has appeared is not ready to accept and process sharply increased stream of cargoes from the Far East and other regions of the country.

Stividory, in turn, see the current situation reasons in absence of desire at railwaymen to trace volumes of shipment of cars to ports. In port cars which move on unloading front are operatively processed. If to consider a situation in more details there is obvious a fact of non-uniform giving of cars in port. So in August, at the plan in 252 cars of export cargoes a day by port it was on the average processed 267. As a whole, for 30 days of August at the plan of 7,560 cars VMTP has processed 8,818 cars of export cargoes. That is, VMTP consults with superplanned volumes.

According to Vladivostok portovikov, from - for repair work on a Russian Railway network by August there were problems with cleaning from VMTP an empty rolling stock. At the general park of 1459 cars available was 728 issued empty cars. Thus cars with cargo simply could not be submitted. Management DVZHD, after visit in VMTP, the decision quickly to clean empties from port was accepted. It, in turn, has dared at the expense of a stop of structures going in direction VMTP.

Why - that during that moment on DVZHD have not thought of necessity to enter norm of daily shipment for consignors. It, in turn, became the reason of that last week August instead of planned 252 cars 418 cars of export cargoes were a day shipped to port " on the average; - ascertained in VMTP.

As to statements about unavailabilities of a port infrastructure it, to put it mildly, not absolutely correctly, - have noted in port. Informs Date