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Submariners from India will arrive to Primorski Krai to test the Seal

Indian and   the Russian seamen will conduct joint tests of a nuclear submarine before, the submarine will be passed in leasing to the Indian party, informs RIA Novosti news agency on September, 4th, referring to a source, involved in tests. As writes today the Russian newspaper before a boat will lease, it will accept in structure of the Navy of Russia, the formality about which the chief of the Joint Staff Nikolay Makarov spoke thereby will be observed: Russia does not build nuclear boats on sale, and builds them for itself .

during forthcoming tests the Russian submariners will train the Indian colleagues. Then there will be still exits in the sea, but already with purely Indian crew, which podstrahujut the Russian instructors.

Under the informal data, after all tests and formalities of a nuclear-powered submarine will lease India for ten years for 650 million dollars. Into fighting structure of Naval Forces of India of a nuclear-powered submarine of the project 971 should enter under the name CHakra - 2 .

the Indian party that at all does not confuse, the fact that on November, 8th on a submarine   there was a state of emergency which have carried away lives of 20 persons. Under the official version, the human factor became the reason of operation of system pozharotushenija and poisonings of people with poisonous gas.

Two stages of tests of a nuclear submarine this year have passed successfully as assure at factory the East . On any serious problems it was not informed.

While to Primorski Krai there are tests Seals in India have floated a nuclear submarine of a domestic production, informs the Russian newspaper . Onboard an atomic-powered vessel of 12 ballistic missiles, to it a distance frightening name Arihant that in transfer means the Fighter of enemies .