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Scientists search at the bottom of Baikal for gold of Kolchaka

Researches of unique lake Baikal come to an end, and scientists hope as the curtain fell to find legendary gold of general Kolchaka.

On Friday,   on September, 4th, on a bottom of Baikal the deputy of the State Duma Arthur Tchilingarov, the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Gruzdev and zavlaboratoriej scientific operation of deep-water manned devices of Institute of oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoly Sagalevich will fall.

the Command has already not bad worked well together - not so long ago scientists have together made successful immersing on the North Pole. Now they should finish researches of Baikal. They will visit and a place of wreck of a train of imperial times.

We are going to investigate carefully a bottom and very much we hope to find proofs that these cars, really, concern the historical period of Civil war. If will carry, we will find, at last, gold of Kolchaka. It would be the beautiful ending of the long and labour-consuming scientific work spent on Baikal - Vladimir Gruzdev has declared.

According to scientists, they had time to make much.

We will sum up expedition in which frameworks we managed to involve a close attention of the government and the public in problems of preservation of lake Baikal. It was important to carry out monitoring of an ecological status of lake. All it has been successfully realised within the limits of two-year researches of Baikal - the chief of expedition Arthur Tchilingarov has declared.

Participants of expedition do not exclude that will return to Baikal next year. Research of a bottom of the deepest lake of a planet will proceed - on its map many white stains.

  In 2008 expedition on Baikal was engaged, more likely, investigation. The basic scientific researches were spent this year. Exits of oil, a deposit gazogidratov have been found out. In the future it is necessary to estimate their volumes, to make maps of deposits - scientists speak.

Expedition will grasp in the World the flag of Moscow which is then planned to present to the mayor of capital Yury Luzhkov, informs RIA Novosti news agency

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