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In Moscow public transport movement

In connection with preparation and carrying out of the celebratory actions devoted to the City Day will change, on September, 4th and 5 in some capital streets public transport traffic will be blocked off, informs Interfax

In particular, from 18:00 till on September, 4th and 5 during preparation for City Day opening ceremony on the Tver area the traffic along the street Tver from a Pushkin Square to street Ohotnij rjad will be blocked. Recommended ways of a detour: on the streets Vozdvizhenka, New Arbat, the Garden ring, Soljanka, Maroseyka, Big Nikitsky and Nikitsky parkway - the head of department of traffic police of Moscow the general - the major of militia Sergey Kazantsev has informed journalists.

on September, 5th, as he said, the traffic in the Tver street from the Triumphal area to Ohotnij rjad, on Theatrical journey, in the street Ohotnij rjad, the Lubjansky and New areas from 8:00 till will be blocked. It, according to S.Kazantsev, is connected with carrying out of celebratory actions on the Pushkin, Tver, Theatrical, Lubjansky and New areas.

Also on September, 5th from 8:00 till in connection with action carrying out Musical quarter in the Big Nikitsky street the traffic from the area of Nikitsky gate to Moss will be blocked.

Recommended ways of a detour: Vozdvizhenka, New Arbat, the Garden ring, Soljanka, Maroseyka and Nikitsky parkway - S.Kazantsev has told.

Besides it, on September, 5th from 13:30 till in connection with carrying out on the Garden ring of militian relay race the traffic on the Garden ring in both directions will be blocked.

The public transport on an internal ring will stop at sidewalks. On an external ring of restriction of movement of public transport it will not be entered - S.Kazantsev has told.

traffic from 14:00 till on a route of carrying out of parade of the Moscow students, namely on the Theatre square, to streets Tver and Ohotnij rjad, to Theatrical journey, on the Lubjansky and New areas, in the street the Barbarian, the Big Moskvoretsk bridge, on the Marsh and Kaluga areas, in the street Serafimovicha, the Big Clearing, the Big Yakimanka and in territory of the Central recreation park of a name Bitter on September, 5th will be blocked off.

Besides, on September, 5th overlapping of movement on the Moskvoretsk quay, Vasilevsky descent and the Big Moskvoretsk bridge is planned from 21:00. It will be connected with carrying out of celebratory fireworks - S.Kazantsev has told.