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In Vorotynsky area have burnt down 600 kg of grain

Village Ognev Majdan of Vorotynsky area yesterday in 19. 15 has once again justified the first part of the name. Here has burnt down zernosushilka and 600 kg of grain on a total area of 150 sq. m. the Cause of the fire became electroconducting short circuit.

except this fire as informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Nizhniy Novgorod region, in region for the past days there were 14 fires. Four of them in the lowermost Novgorod.

2 persons have suffered from fiery elements. The staff of fire protection has rescued 6 persons. The flame has hurt 5 apartment houses, 7 structures and 4 cars. Casual handling of fire, 4 - electroconducting short circuit, 1 - infringements at carrying out of fire works, 1 more - malfunction of a flue of the furnace became the reason of 6 fires, in 2 - h cases the arson is supposed.

so, in 03. 48 in Urene in the street Abramova from - for infringements at operation of electrodevices has happened a fire in a personal apartment house. The house roof, garage, outdoor constructions has as a result burnt down, car UAZ - 469 has scorched. The kindling Total area has made 108 sq. m.

In 14. 34 in Prioksky area in microdistrict ShCherbinki - 1 the balcony and a balcony door in one of apartment house apartments has scorched. Firemen on ladder marches evacuated 6 persons. Casual handling of fire became the kindling reason, guilty are established.

in 20. 30 in village Alemaevo of Shatkovsky area from - for infringements at carrying out of fire works the clothes on 45 - the summer man have lighted up. With burns of a body 1 - 2 degrees of the victim hospitalised in TSRB.

And in 21. 32 in the same area in village the Great Enemy has burnt down a personal apartment house and a court yard on square of 176 sq. m. the Cause of the fire there was a casual handling of fire at smoking in a state of intoxication the owner.