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Inflation in Russia can be below 11,5 %

Inflation in Russia can be below 11,5 %. It was declared today by the first vice-president of the Central Bank Alexey Uljukaev.

- Base inflation the third month is at historically low level that gives the grounds to do positive assumptions on the rest of year, - Uljukaev has told. Are not afraid in the Central Bank and for stability of national currency.

- Taking into account the oil prices and a status of world economy of the bases to be afraid for stability of rouble is not present, - the councillor of directors of Bank of Russia Alexey Simanovsky considers. - we have a hope that the tendency of decrease in inflation, in this case the Central Bank will proceed can continue decrease in rates.

Decrease in rates has already affected growth of crediting of economy by the Russian banks. In August their credit portfolio has increased on 100 mlrd roubles, or by 0,7 %.

- After the period from February till May during which sharp credit compression was observed, now there is a situation stabilisation, - Uljukaev has declared. - the Analysis shows that it not any local splash connected with introduction of the mechanism of state guarantees or something by another, and reflexion of understanding by banks of a situation with borrowers and their risks.