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In Estonia Russian-speaking parties have united in the uniform block

the Parties representing Russian-speaking minority of Estonia, have united in the block together to participate on municipal elections in Tallinn.

As informs an information portal gzt. ru referring to RIA Novosti news agency, the new union has received a name Russian left union - Our city . Into it have entered Russian party of Estonia (RPE), the Left incorporated party of Estonia (LOPE) and the selective block Our city .

the Most important - that it was possible to direct an internal competition between parties on advantage to all Russian community, and it gives hope of success of elections in Tallinn - speaks   the chairman of Russian party of Estonia of Stanislav Tcherepanov.

According to chairman RPE, the new selective union will carry on negotiations for association as well with the known politician the Demetrios Klensky which declared earlier readiness to go on local elections in Tallinn the selective union the List Klensky - Russian centre .

On last municipal elections in Tallinn Russian party of Estonia and Incorporated people party of Estonia (which is the predecessor of the Left incorporated party of Estonia) have acted as separate lists and have failed, having typed less than 1 % of votes.