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In Voronezh Katya Gordon has pulled out at the guy a shred of hair

On Friday, on September, 3rd, in capital of Chernozem region the REEF - the Russian Internet a forum has opened. To tell about the experience in this popular sphere among youth there has arrived scandalous teleradiovedushchaja Katya Gordon (it became known after last year`s skirmish with Ksjushej Sobchak on the air of a known radio channel - red.) .

The master - a class Katya has begun with apologies.

- Oh, for God`s sake, me the guy on last number which, passing by let will forgive, I have casually touched with hours and have pulled out at it a shred of hair! They and hang at me on hours. Thank God, you not Kobzon. And that represent at me on a hand now the whole wig would hang! - unlucky Katya chirped.

After that the nice blonde with sincerity peculiar to it and ease in dialogue gave unpretentious and obvious advice to the advanced system administrators.

- the Russian Internet - absolutely not developed sphere! Therefore if you have thought up any mulku safely declare that you the first! I even call you for a certain shamelessness in it! - programmers Katya frankly addressed. - and here if you yet have not registered the idea it is better about it in blogs not to fray - during the moment styrjat!

On the subsequent interview Gordon has told about scandal with Sobchak, the relations with juvenile actor Cyril Yemelyanov ( Kadetstvo the Kremlin cadets ) and the new groom.

Full interview read in the near future in to the Member of the Komsomol .