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Omichki Intimate girlfriends Irina Mazikova and Valentine Orlova   bought heroin through the Internet

; on heroin have sat down together. Have tried for the sake of interest in the company. Since then all free time of the lady devoted to dose searches. But after all to the first comer behind a drug you will not approach - dangerously. Someone from friends of addicts has advised to buy a potion through the Internet. The scheme was simple. Communication with the seller went through the Internet - cafe.

- It is necessary to tell that Mazikova and Orlova in spite of the fact that were pricked, looked pretty well, - tells a press - attache LUVDT   Natalia Baskakova .
the Dealer on aske informed requisites for transfer of money. Payment for the goods went through a cash dispense. The buyer wrote in asku that payment has passed and received in the answer of co-ordinate of a hiding place with a drug.

Irina with Valentina have decided not to waste time on trifles and buy the big lot. Nasobirali on susekam money, have contacted the seller and in an agreed place have got from a hiding place 10 with superfluous heroin grammes.

is it is considered very large party. - Natalia Baskakova has explained.

Drugs of the woman have tried to sell to the friends - addicts. But one of the first buyers has handed over their militias. Now dilersham threatens till 8 years of a colony.

Names and surnames of arrested persons are changed