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Nina Urgant will celebrate anniversary modestly

Today at the favourite actress birthday. Yes not simple, but gold: 80 years!

- Yes, Nina Nikolaevna so looks - for what will not give it such years! - friends assure.

And we with them absolutely agree. There are such happy people who till many years look absolutely equally as if without growing old. According to experts - psychologists, this property of people with the kind soul, sympathetic and betrayed what Nina Urgant is. We have called the favourite actress that already with morning to wish her happy birthday and to wish it kind health and good mood.  

- Thanks big,   - Nina Nikolaevna has emotionally responded. A voice at it too on - former young and beautiful, but a bit sad.

- As will celebrate birthday?

- Yes anything I will especially not mark, - the actress admitted. - there will arrive only son Andrey and grandson Vanja. I cannot celebrate now anything

is from - for a backbone?

- Yes.

to Nina Urgant 80 years
were executed Lena LIVSI

- Speak, you just now in hospital lay

- Yes.

- Nina Nikolaevna, from the bottom of the heart - health to you!  

- Thanks.

Problems with a backbone at it since youth. When - that she went in for sports, since morning necessarily did half-hour gymnastics and easily maintained heavy physical activities at theatre and on shootings. Here these is that loadings and have played a role. Diseases of a backbone, feet and vocal chords torment many actors. Their loadings can be compared to the sports.

In an environment of Urgant say that at Nina Nikolaevny now not so good mood and is not present special desire to communicate with a considerable quantity of people.

Once again it is from the bottom of the heart congratulated the national actress of Russia on a remarkable feast (more in detail about the actress read in a material At Nina Urgant under a door there lives the vagabond )