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Parliament session will take place after the decision of the Constitutional court...

presiding at constituent session of Parliament Ivan Kalin declared on Friday having rummaged in session before removal of the decision of the Constitutional Court about legality of procedure of election of the speaker on August, 28th.

on session which has passed according to Parliament Regulations on September, 4th, 48 deputies from Party of communists were only.

also, on Friday, the deputy Maria Postojko declared formation of parliamentary fraction PKRM as a part of 48 deputies.

Ivan Kalin presiding over session declared that continuation of constituent session of Parliament will pass, most likely, 10 - on September, 11th when removal of decision KS on legality of procedure of election as the speaker of Parliament Mihaja Gimpu is expected. Gimpu has been selected by the decision of parties, rukovodimyh Marianom the Magnifier, Vladimir Filatom and Seraphim Urekjanom after the procedural break till September, 4th on August, 28th has been declared.

this procedure has been appealed against by Party of communists in the Constitutional Court.