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Criminals have selected at prokopchanina empty containers for meal

the Inhabitant of Prokopevsk came back from work when it was attacked by two unknown persons with a knife. They Have beaten the man, have removed from it a leather jacket and have selected a bag with empty containers for meal, documents and 800 roubles. Patrol crews PPS and traffic police have there and then received orientation to criminals. In one of garage files nearby to a place of an attack the traffic police crew has heard loud music and cheerful man`s voices. Militiamen have approached to ask, a leah suspicious persons ran by. But guys, having caught sight of guards, have rushed nautek. Fugitives have detained and delivered in police station. The victim has learnt offenders. 18 - summer criminals have told, how there was a business and where they have thrown out a knife. As they said, the man himself is guilty in an event - has not wanted on - kind to give money for binge, here and has received. By the way, absence of meal in containers has very much upset predators. Now concerning them criminal case is brought, have informed in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Kemerovo region.