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The Norwegian yacht RX - 2 the Norwegian yacht " is delivered in the Russian port agency of Providence

; RX - 2 detained by the Russian frontier guards for illegal following on Northern sea way in East - the Siberian sea, it is under escort delivered in port agency of Providence (Chukchi district), the representative a press - services Severo - East frontier management of FSB of the Russian Federation has informed RIA Novosti news agency on Friday, on August, 4th.

the Yacht remains on spot-check in the Carrying out bay, with its crew trial " is spent; - the interlocutor of agency has told.

the Yacht RX - 2 under the Norwegian flag with three crewmen - citizens of Kingdom Norway - has been found out on Tuesday in East - the Siberian sea by the boundary patrol ship (PSKR) Neva .

the Captain of a vessel has no permission to transition of Ministry of Transport of Russia and administration of Northern sea way. There is no also a coordination with Rosturizmom about the statement of terms, a swimming and calling route in ports in territory of the Russian Federation.

According to frontier management, the Norwegian yacht, besides, did not pass obligatory boundary and customs registration in port Murmansk.

In connection with impossibility of finding-out on a place of all circumstances of an offence, the yacht RX - 2 has been delivered in port of agency of Providence. The yacht crew is provided by all necessary, medical aid does not need. The captain of a vessel - Osvo Trand Aarve.

the sailing yacht RX - 2 equipped with the engine, has displacement of 17 tons, length of 36,3 foots, width of 10,1 foots, to a deposit of 9,3 foots. The vessel is equipped for swimming in difficult conditions of northern seas, at the disposal of crew satellite phone and VHF - radio station by capacity of 150 Vt.

PSKR Neva Patrolled Northern sea way within the limits of actions for maintenance of presence of boundary forces and means in the Russian sector of Arctic regions. For the first time after a long-term break boundary vessels and aircraft of FSB of the Russian Federation have provided the presence at this area in the middle of 2008, I inform RIA News .