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Permjak five years disappeared from court

on February, 12th, 2003 22 - summer Timotheus Sapozhnikov has killed the woman. Not specially: took in hands a fowling piece, a leah has not looked it is loaded and has pressed a cock - the bullet has got to a head of the woman standing nearby.

And in a month has caused a stir again - has raped with friends the girl.

Sapozhnikova have arrested. And in 2004 court, considering its case, has defined to it and its accomplice a conditional measure of punishment. But the public prosecutor of area representation is brought in the Perm regional court - punishment was too soft.   business have directed on new judicial consideration. But it has appeared impossible: Shoemakers has disappeared from court. Since then, all five years it was wanted.

- on August, 10th, 2009   Sentence of Ordzhonikidzevsky district court of a city of Perm, Shoemakers Timotheus Vasilyevich, is recognised by guilty and is denounced for death causing on imprudence, rape with the violence application, made by a group of persons, connected to threat by murder, - has told and. An island of the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Perm edge on interaction with mass-media and the public Svetlana Marinjak. - a punishment Measure -   4 years of imprisonment with serving in a corrective standard regime penal colony. The sentence concerning Sapozhnikova T. V has not entered validity yet.