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In Tatarstan today will interrogate the GAI officer who has deprived of the driver of the rights for curiosity

on August, 12th in Nurlatsky area there was a failure on which the inspector of traffic police OGIBDD Nurlatsky OVD has left with the workmate. After all documents have been issued, the suspected GAI officer has disposed to bring a motorcycle of one of participants of road accident on shtrafstojanku.

At this time on a place of accident by the car the relative of the motorcyclist who has decided to ask has approached, for what decided to take away a motorcycle on the wrecker on spetsstojanku? But instead of the answer has heard from the inspector absolutely another: that has demanded from the driver documents and the rights and has withdrawn them. Thus it has not issued any reports and documents, and the Zhiguli unduly curious driver after a motorcycle have driven away on shtrafstojanku.

As believes the consequence, all papers necessary under the law the inspector made out already in the office, yes and how to it it was convenient. The GAI officer has put the certificate and reports on survey of the driver to the report on detention the Zhiguli on an alcohol intoxication and a direction on medical survey.

the Suspected inspector also has added that the driver was drunk and to go for examination to physicians has refused. As it is necessary, in documents there were also signatures of the understood: the driver of the wrecker and the brother of the wife of the inspector of traffic police of which on a place of accident was not, but the signature for it the inspector has drawn itself. The suspect has directed all these papers to court where the driver recognised as guilty and have deprived of the rights to 1 year of 8 months. Besides, to the driver the seven also the penalty have written out - 27 thousand roubles for the car maintenance on spetsstojanke.

But the driver did not begin to be silent: It was converted with the statement into Nurlatsky interdistrict investigatory department of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor, where on September, 2nd concerning the inspector of traffic police vozbuzhdili criminal case (item 286 item p.1, 292 ch. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation - excess of powers of office and office forgery).

- Today the inspector of traffic police will interrogate as the suspect and will appoint to it a preventive punishment for the period of a consequence, - Edward Abdullin, the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SKP across Tatarstan speaks. - most likely it will be a subscription about nevyezde. Upon termination of investigation business will pass in court.