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In the Chelyabinsk area there will be 12 centres prenatalnoj diagnostics

the Interdistrict centres prenatalnoj diagnostics are created on the basis of existing hospitals. Will direct here pregnant mums on terms 10 - 14 and 22 - 24 weeks (the most significant terms for revealing of developmental anomalies, anomalies and illnesses, in particular, incompatible with life the future child).

In the centres experts who were trained will work and have received certificates of the international sample.

- Such centres become an intermediate link between municipal female consultations and Regional perinatalnym the centre, - informs a press - service of Ministry of Health of the Chelyabinsk area. - in Southern Ural Mountains we build three-level system prenatalnoj (pre-natal) diagnostics of a pathology of a fruit at pregnant women. Also we can exclude risk of a birth of the child with defect and development deviations already on early terms of pregnancy. And this diagnosis occupies 2 - 3 place in structure of infantile death rate.

At suspicion on such diagnosis the pregnant woman direct in Regional perinatalnyj the centre where experts on devices of an expert class specify the diagnosis and spend kordotsentez - establish, a leah is genetic defeat of a fruit.

In Ministry of Health hope this year to capture screening half of pregnant women. Within the second year - to 80 %.

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