Rus News Journal

In Yaroslavl region have stolen a horse

Today, on September, 4th, about 7 mornings, in Uglichsky area the shepherd of rural co-operative society Klimentevo Vasily Lebedev has risen, as always, before and has deduced flock on a pasture, and a favourite red horse of Kazbek has adhered in the field nearby to the house. In an hour   the man has returned to visit an animal, but from it and the trace has caught a cold. Vasily has rushed at once on searches of a horse. Has gone round all to district, has glanced almost under each bush, but all is vain. Kazbek as into water has sunk.

- Still three days ago we have noticed near village of three suspicious gipsies on bicycles, - Olga Ivanovna has told the chairman of an economy. - Young men have got to us on a meeting on road and as - that was specially inclined downwards by heads, but me will not spend. The same day has given the order   - for each horse of eyes yes an eye! Them at us 7 was, now here 6 remains. Eh, it is a pity Kazbek!

That that the horse could break from a leash and escape, in an economy deny completely, very much it has been adhered to Vasily. The shepherd looked after it many years. Besides, it not the case of abduction of horses first here. The same Kazbek once already stole   - 3 years ago. Have found in the next Bolshesselsky area at vagrant gipsies. In an economy very much hope for the help of police officers which have begun active searches of a horsy. The amount of damage in co-operative society was estimated by 42 thousand rouble. However, money, speak, such remarkable horse you will not replace.