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To the Barnaul driver who has brought down people at a stop, accusation

Terrible road accident till now is not brought has occurred on September, 4th at a stop Bija   in the street Malakhov. The driver of Toyota Caldina, approaching on a crossroads, has not braked and in full operation ran in standing on Toyota Corolla Fielder crossroads. From blow Kaldinu has rejected, and the car ran into people standing at a stop (read Suffered in failure at a tram stop in Barnaul: From death we were rescued by a column ) .

Now all four victims among which the monthly child, are in hospital, physicians estimate their status as stable:

- Patients pass planned treatment, however about an extract while to speak early, - Sergey has told to correspondents SMITHS, and. An island of managing branch heavy and sochetannoj traumas of hospital 1.

Well and the driver - the reckless driver who has done not suffer in road accident, now is under a subscription about nevyezde. While no announcements are shown it:

- The matter is that while all victims are in hospital, it is impossible to judge weight of the traumas put to it (for example, from - for crises the person can become the invalid - a bus Comment ), - Anton MALTSEV, the chief of investigatory department on investigation of road accident of the SOU has explained at the Department of Internal Affairs across Barnaul . - Therefore charge to the driver will be definitive is shown only after an extract of all from medical institution.

well and the part of 1 article 264 of the criminal code of Russian Federation " threatens the driver at least; infringement of traffic regulations and operation of vehicles and punishment - imprisonment for the term up to two years with right deprivation to operate a vehicle for the term up to three years or without that.