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In Ufa have justified managing a kindergarten which was accused in vzjatnichestve

Today the Soviet district court has released from a criminal liability 62 - the summer manager one of capital kindergartens. Inspectors have found out that since June 2004 till December, 2008 the woman demanded from parents who wanted suit children in this kindergarten, money, or something another, but material, without looking at all that parents on hands had the vacation packages which have been given out by department of education.

Parents brought demanded - money, brushes, paints and other things. And from one mother the manager has demanded absolutely considerable sum - 10 thousand roubles translating the child in this kindergarten from another. Money at mum of the child it has not appeared, she has written the application in militia.

the Manager has got by transfer of money - mechennye denominations have been accurately combined in a desktop.

- On a consequence the woman did not recognise itself guilty, asserted that all its actions are absolutely lawful, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Soviet area of Ufa has told to us Nail Bagautdinov. - But under weight of proofs all - taki she in all admitted and has repented.

the Office of Public Prosecutor demanded to sentence the woman to three years of imprisonment conditionally. But the court has at all released the manager from a criminal liability because she has repented of crimes. Probably, the age of the woman too has affected a judgement. The Office of Public Prosecutor meanwhile with such decision does not agree also it will appeal against, while this decision has not entered validity.