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To Stavropol Territory have denounced the drug dealer

In May of this year the inhabitant of village of Gofitsky Petrovsky area has decided to earn. For this purpose the man has chosen an easy way - has started to trade at home in marihuana. However long illegal У shop У has not existed. Law enforcement officers have taken the businessman in hand. Criminal case to signs of the crime provided частью1 item 228 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation upon illegal sale of narcotics has been brought. During the investigation Anatoly Medvedev, the inspector of investigatory branch at Stavropol LOVDt, together with employees of criminal militia has spent a number of actions which have allowed not only to stop illegal drug traffic, but also to detain the seller.

Certainly, the man completely denied the fault, but thanks to competent and timely actions of employees Stavropol LOVDt and Anatoly Medvedev which have managed to collect incontestable proofs of fault, business has been directed to court.

the Court has considered the person narkosbytchika which conducted an antisocial way of life, its early previous convictions and on set of the crimes made by it has sentenced the man to 4 years to 6 months of imprisonment in a high security colony.