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Acrobatics lessons in the Kazan red buses

in the Morning the bus following on a route 35, has approached on a stop on Kirov. But to stop the driver nevertheless did not become, has only reduced speed. Though doors nevertheless has opened: passengers had to jump literally on the move into bus salon. At the following stop the Collective-farm market there was the same, probably the driver very strongly hurried. Hurried so that has not noticed the elderly passenger who, despite age, too tried to have time to drop in in a minibus, but the driver has closed doors. The woman has clamped, and she began to shout at all salon, only after that the driver has stopped and has opened doors. All it has probably forced it to be fidgety strongly:   the driver has there and then lighted, extending on salon a smell of cheap tobacco.

Then he has decided to overtake for time missed at a stop and has jerked from a place, without having noticed that before it there was already other red bus. At the last minute the driver has had time to press a brake. During this moment the grandmother whom a minute ago have released from the clamped doors, went on salon and at sharp braking has hit about a partition. The woman has started to swear at the driver, but that has not considered it necessary even to apologise before it. After a while with justifyings all - taki the conductor has approached.

we Will remind, mayor Ilsur Metshin declared recently a month on improvement of behaviour of public transport on roads. Checks in ATP cities are for this purpose spent, have been dismissed about 20 drivers - infringers. For increase of culture of driving competition on the best driver and the conductor also is founded. Nevertheless, almost every day in Kazan there is some road accident because of passenger transport.