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Gorsad of Pushkin invites cheljabintsev to the birthday

Gorsad in Chelyabinsk have broken in 1908 when in a city there was a solid layer of intelligency, merchant classes, officials - a word, the future visitors. New vacation spot then have named the Garden of Public meeting . Have constructed a bowl for an orchestra, a beautiful building of club, summer restaurant and the open area for theatre.

Here put Shakespeare`s plays, going on tour actors acted. On days off were arranged paid guljanija with a streamer and confetti. And after revolution, in 1936, in gorsadu there was a skating rink, a summer platform, flower beds and lawns.

the Next birthday gorsad will note this Saturday, on September, 12th. On the central platform the concert with show participation - groups " will take place; Beau monde and honoured artists of Russia of a family of Gerasimovyh. There will be competitions and games. Elderly townspeople invite to a wind band concert. Songs of military years, marches, waltzes will sound. The academy of fine arts will spend the master - a class: all interested persons will teach to dance a waltz, a polonaise, a mazourka.

Where: Gorsad of Pushkin
When: on September, 12th, in 14. 00 hours.
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