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During week-end in Chelyabinsk will limit journey on CHTZ

On these days off a dead band for motorists there are at once two streets in Traktorozavodsky area. On August, 22nd and 23 repair work will be spent here. And restrictions to concern not only owners of an individual transport, but also passengers of the public. So be attentive.

1. Will block the Victory prospectus. On a site from street Russian to Kudryavtsev`s street will be ukatyvat new asphalt. On Saturday repair will pass since eight mornings till eight evenings. This day the public transport going aside CHTZ, will go round this site on a route Russian - Work - Artillery. On Sunday, to the contrary, on a time way will send transport which heads for Severok. It concerns bus routes 34, 45, 76, 103, 119. Also these days can disconnect tram movement 15 literally on 30 - 40 minutes. When it will occur, builders do not know even, all depends on rate of work so will be guided on a place.

2. Will stop movement on Marchenko. On a site from street Saljutnoj to 1 - j Five-years periods. Will block street also on Saturday and Sunday since eight mornings till nine evenings. During Marchenko`s asphalting movement
the bus 4 will change, it will follow on Kulibina, Tankmen, 1 - j Five-years periods, further on the line in both directions. Bus movement 34 will be carried out under the prospectus of Komarova, streets of Heroes of Tankograda, 1 - j Five-years periods, further - on a habitual route.

By the way, the buses following from Northern road service station in east direction, will go on streets of Kirov, Work, Heroes of Tankograda, the prospectus of Komarova and Bazhov`s street.