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Kadyrov`s claim to legal experts « the Memorial » it will be considered in Moscow

the Tver court of Moscow on Thursday has appointed to September, 25th consideration on the substance of the civil suit of the president of the Chechen Republic Ramzana Kadyrov to the head of the remedial centre the Memorial about honour and dignity protection, Kadyrov Andrey Krasnenkov`s lawyer has informed Oleg Orlovu RIA Novosti news agency.
At today`s session preparation for proceeding has been spent. In essence the court has appointed a legal investigation to September, 25th - Krasnenkov has told.

Oleg Orlov has informed RIA Novosti news agency   about the readiness to defend the declared position. a part of those statements which have displeased Ramzana Kadyrov, in any way do not offend its worthiness, and others are an objective reality and cannot be challenged - has told Eagles.
Kadyrov Krasnenko`s Lawyer has informed that its complaint to refusal of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs to bring concerning Orlova criminal case, on - former is in Office of Public Prosecutor.
we expect the answer under our complaint within the next few days and practically we do not doubt that finally criminal case will be raised - Krasnenkov has told.

the Claim is connected with statements of Orlova for Kadyrov`s guiltliness in murder pravozashchitnitsy Natalias Estemirovoj who was lost on July, 15th.
before Krasnenkov has informed RIA Novosti news agency that the claimant demands to publish a refutation of statements of Orlova on an official site the Memorial and also to compensate to it mental cruelty - 10 million roubles.

In turn, Eagles has declared that in telephone conversation with Kadyrov on July, 17th he has told to the president of the Chechen Republic that does not accuse him of a crime, and means that Kadyrov as the president bears responsibility for an event in republic. The head of the Chechen Republic has responded to it what to put an equal-sign between concept of responsibility of the head of region and responsibility for murder it is illogical.

the Lawyer of the president of the Chechen Republic has reminded that on July, 20th he has put in in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow the statement for excitation of criminal case against Orlova for slander, but on August, 31st satisfaction of this statement has been refused.

Krasnenkov has informed that the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case concerning Orlova is purely technical step and inquiry bodies were already converted into Office of Public Prosecutor with the request it to cancel.

inquiry has an accurate term for preliminary investigation carrying out. When it expires, inquiry takes out the decision about refusal in excitation of business which the Office of Public Prosecutor can cancel and direct materials again to bodies of inquiry for supplementary examination. Such circulation it is registered in the law - the lawyer has told.

Under its forecast, the Office of Public Prosecutor will cancel the decision about refusal to bring action against Orlova and will direct materials on additional investigation.
Estemirova, the employee the Memorial the winner of many known remedial awards, has been stolen on July, 15th in the morning in Grozny. Along toward evening it have found killed in Ingushetia near to a federal line caucasus near to settlement Gazi - Yurtas of Nazranovsky area.