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In the Volgograd region militiamen have beaten the arrested person

Criminal case on employees Mihajlovsky OVD have got yesterday, under article 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Excess of powers of office . On guards has declared 26 - the summer guy who was beaten by militiamen.

This history was tightened from the beginning of June. 02 someone from tenants of the house 8 along the street has typed Defenses of Mikhailovka. Have complained on podguljavshuju youth which do not allow to sleep. When militiamen have arrived on a place, fun was in the heat. Guards have suggested hooligans to change a disposition place in enough rough form. But not here - that was. The leader of the company has there and then voiced militiamen the claims, concerning rough dialogue.

- Well, time such clever you will go with us, we will talk, - militiamen summarised and have jostled the guy in the car.

Conversation was short. The fighter for the rights have simply beaten, that henceforth not povadno was. In branch on the guy have made the report, have released only next day. At once from regional department the young man has got into urology with the beaten off kidneys.

- After health of the victim has recovered, he has written the complaint to actions of militiamen.

Now commander PPS and the lieutenant of militia are detained. Both employees deny that beat the arrested person. But friends of the guy assure that the victim with anybody did not fight also traumas has received in police station. The investigation " is now carried on; - Vasily Tokarev, the public prosecutor of the city of Mikhailovka of the Volgograd region has told .