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In Krasnoyarsk region from - for a negligence of railwaymen passengers of a train

In Krasnoyarsk region two passengers of a train have suffered were injured, catching up with structure. A train the message Tynda - Moscow has stopped at station Ilansky. The woman with 4 - summer   the daughter have descended on platform to buy ice-cream. The structure lagged behind the schedule movement and consequently train parking has been reduced to a quarter of hour. Standing in a queue for a delicacy, the woman has turned back and has not believed to the eyes: their train has got under way and has started to speed up. The forgotten passengers remains at station much. All was necessary to catch up with structure and to take away in it on the move.
- Trying to be in time on a leaving train, the passenger and its juvenile daughter have stumbled about boards of the disassembled technological flooring lying on a platform, - the assistant Western - the Siberian transport public prosecutor Oksana Gorbunova tells. - Therefore have received easy physical injuries.
On the given fact the Ilansky transport Office of Public Prosecutor had been spent check. It was found out that the negligence of the guide became the reason travmirovanija passengers. It has signalled about readiness for train departure, without having convinced that all passengers have taken the places. In happened the working brigades which have left a flooring in the disassembled kind also are guilty.