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New crew MKS should work well

the Next crew of the International space station (MKS) during semi-annual watch of signs three Russian cargo ships Progress and three American shuttles, will establish on the Russian and American segment on the new module and will make one extravehicular activity.

During our expedition it is planned that to us will come three trucks, on the Russian segment - the module the MIME - 2. After we will execute extravehicular activity and we activate this module, perestykuem the piloted ship the Union on it - has told on a press - conferences the Russian cosmonaut Maxim Suraev.

As he said, the new module will be used as a mooring for spaceships, and also as a compartment for extravehicular activity.

In turn, the American astronaut Jeffrey Williams has informed that in the nearest half a year to MKS is planned to send three shuttles one of which delivers last module of the American segment to station.

the Russian cosmonaut M.Suraev, answering a question of journalists, has informed that reception by mankind of new knowledge, fulfilment of discoveries was a main objective of building MKS. As he said, after end of building of station cosmonauts can prosecute these subjects.

the Russian cosmonaut who waited for flight in space of 12 years, has compared itself to cognac. I in group the twelfth year, and all this time prepare for space flight. It, of course, a joke, but I as good cognac which should be drawn - M.Suraev has told.

He also has informed that on Baikonur in the first space flight he will be seen off by the wife and two daughters, and with itself into an orbit the cosmonaut intends to take a plush young lion who will remind it of the house, and during start to minister the weightlessness indicator. it will hang on a string and when we will appear in weightlessness, it will emerge. A young lion - our main indicator of weightlessness - M.Suraev has told.

the American astronaut has not told, a leah will see off him in flight a family, but has informed that intends to take with itself souvenirs for memory of the wife and two children, their photos, and also a photo of the grandson, informs Interfax