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Dalaj - the llama became the honourable citizen of Warsaw

On Wednesday, on July, 29th Dalaj - the llama XIV has received the diploma of the honourable citizen of the Polish capital of Warsaw.

As it is marked in the city council decision, awarding its Svjatejshestvo an honourable title, the Warsaw authorities express respect to the person who gets liberty also independence for the compatriots and the country .

Honourable citizenship of your city convinces me of necessity of my work. All of us want happy and joyful life. The pleasure and the world can be found only in heart. Brothers and sisters, look in itself " more; - the disgraced spiritual leader of Tibet whom the Chinese authorities accuse of separatism has told, receiving the certificate.

delivery Solemn ceremony has passed in the Ballroom of the Royal palace. There were the former president of Poland Leh Valensa, the first prime minister of the noncommunistic government of Poland Tadeush Mazovetsky, authorised under human rights in Poland Janush Kohanovsky and other visible politicians of the country, passes RIA Novosti news agency.

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