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In the Perm circus the monkey has bitten the assistant to the trainer

Yesterday on 26 - the summer assistant to the trainer the monkey - one of six pitomits which act on program representation " has attacked; Circus of beasts Julia Filatovoj and Andrey Klykova.

For certain many in memory still had accident which has occurred this spring in the Perm state circus. Then the lion Gosha directly in the face of spectators has bitten the assistant to trainer Enrike Anaeva, yes so that the man has for a long time appeared on a hospital cot (read " more in detail; In circus in the face of spectators the lion has snatched on the trainer ) .

And here new state of emergency, truth, affliction scale not such serious as last time, but all - taki In circus to make comments on an event have refused - Julia Filatova has told only that no trouble has not occurred. And here in fracture clinic MSCH to 4 our correspondents have told that is valid, in the evening from circus there delivered the assistant to the trainer with the bitten wound and the hurt muscles of the right forearm. To the young man who has suffered from the circus actress have imposed some seams and have made bandaging.

- the Prick from a tetanus to do to the patient did not become, as all beasts in circus are imparted, - the head physician of fracture clinic MSCH 4 has informed. -   Now some time   is necessary to the man; ezhedevno   to go on bandagings.  

By the way, this state of emergency has occurred on the eve of an anniversary of the Perm state circus. We will remind, tomorrow to this institution favourite at all children 39 years are executed.