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The Petersburg militiamen have not passed check

employees 32 otela did not know militia who has come to them under the pretext of the robed townspeople. Otherwise, probably, such problems at them was not.

the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Neva area has decided to check up, how militia departments follow a law letter at reception and check in of statements. Have arranged that is told, catching on zhivtsa. Under the pretext of suffered from hands of pilferers have sent the assistant to the public prosecutor.

- He was converted to the operative person on duty with an oral statement about theft of the passport with money and a bank card, - has informed a press - service city Office of Public Prosecutor. - That has not accepted the statement, and has sent the victim to the representative of a criminal investigation department on duty. That too has refused.

business has not ended with It. When the man already was going to leave employees of criminal investigation department have stopped it and have selected a mobile phone.

Now the Office of Public Prosecutor demands to involve in a disciplinary responsibility for refusal in reception of the statement for a crime not only the operative person on duty and operupolnomochennogo, but also ill-starred department of militia responsible from a management.