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In Astrakhan employees of firm have killed the director when have learnt, how much he earns

Criminal case in the relation before offenders Ivan Zinovina, Dmitry Kalinina and Yury Borisenko have passed in court. To them threatens till 20 years of prison. The crime on which them accuses, has been opened without delay in October, 2008. Then on a summer residence near Astrakhan the corpse of the director of firm on installation of tension ceilings has been found out. Its burnt car has been nearby found also.

the Consequence has quickly found out that the former employees of firm are involved in murder. They knew that at the director last months business went successfully, it has executed some large orders so, money is available for that also rather big.   the decision to kill the former employer has arisen at a grief - workers soon.

They have enticed a victim into one of country houses in settlement Kiri - Kiel, ostensibly to measure a ceiling. And when the director has arrived to order, Zinovin has shot it. Then accomplices have stolen belonging killed the laptop, cellular telephones, a ring and other property.

without having managed to get the car of the victim, accused have set fire to it to hide vestiges of the crime. To accomplices accusation under item 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - " is brought to all three; the Group murder interfaced to robbery, the item in ch. 4 items 162 UK rf - the Armed assault made with a use of weapons ch. 2 items 167 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Deliberate destruction of another`s property by an arson .

Sozhitelnitse of one of accomplices, Julia Popovoj who knowing about murder and has pawned a ring stolen at a victim, is brought accusation in sale of the property obviously extracted by a criminal way (p.1 item 175 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

Criminal case is directed the public prosecutor for the statement of the bill of particulars, informs Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Astrakhan region.