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The Krasnodar divisionals have gone to jail

In Krasnodar have pronounced a sentence of three district militia officers of militia which in the professional feast have beaten the man and extorted from it 30 thousand roubles.

on September, 20th last year three divisionals have detained the local resident and began to accuse him of sale of drugs, showing newspaper parcel.

- Guards as inspectors have established, have violently planted the victim in the car, in which steel to beat it. After that have brought the man to a militia strong point where have continued to beat hands and feet, jumped on it from a table which was in an office, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of Prikubansky district of a city Inna Vetrova has told RIA Novosti news agency.

For the termination of violence they have demanded from the man of 30 thousand roubles. That has responded that house money. When militiamen have brought it home, parents have seen the hackneyed son and have called police squad.

On Wednesday the district court has sentenced two defendants to seven years of imprisonment, the third - by six years of imprisonment in a corrective standard regime penal colony for excess of office powers.