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In 2010 in Moldova will spend universal agricultural census

This data pozzhy will make base of working out of a policy and programs of a sustainable development of agrofood and rural sectors.

Census will be organised by National bureau of statistics   (NBS) in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture   and the food-processing industry and the Ministry of local public management.

in information inquiry NBS it is noticed that census carrying out in Republic Moldova is entered in the Program of the United Nations of the World agricultural census of 2010.

for carrying out of this census the necessary legal basis is created and the detailed planned schedule of preparation, carrying out   is confirmed; and processings of the received information. Also the specialised territorial commissions in all areas, munitsipijah and ATO Gagauzija are created.

Universal agricultural census will capture all agricultural productions, the family subsidiary agroenterprises, gardening fellowships, gardening and vegerable-growing sites and etc.

In NBS have informed that for census carrying out is allocated by 93,7 million leev (about 6 million euro) from which 20 % will be covered from budgetary funds. Now the central authorities carry on negotiations for definition   possible sources of financing.

according to the deputy minister of agriculture and food-processing industry Anatola Spivachenko, it is the most probable that census will be spent with support of the government of Sweden with which negotiations are carried on.