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On the Norwegian archipelago Spitsbergen will prepare for flight to Mars

the Norwegian archipelago Spitsbergen it is selected as range for test of technology of detection of signs of life which is planned to involve in a course of the future flights to Mars.

Expedition under the name 2009 AMASE ( the Arctic analogue of Mars - expedition to Spitsbergen ) Will come to the end on August, 24th.

Expeditions such are spent since 2003. This year on expedition which has begun on August, 1st, participates more than 30 scientists from the USA, Norway, Germany, Spain and Great Britain, microbiology specialising in area, geology, biochemistry, robotic technology and other disciplines, it is informed on site SpaceRef. com.

Participants   actions will conduct the most different researches - from testing of the equipment which can go subsequently to Mars and studying of conditions in which - ekstremofily organisms reside in glaciers before working out and testing of techniques of search resided in the past and the environment present.

the Basic researches will be spent on coast of Spitsbergen fjords which thanks to presence karbonatnyh breeds, glin, basalts and ice are considered as good analogue of the Martian nature, informs an information portal barentsobserver.