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On elections in Moldova the Communist Party

On the extraordinary parliamentary elections which have passed on July, 29th in Moldova is in the lead, the communist party which has typed 41,7 % of voices is in the lead.

According to polls on an exit from polling districts which are spent by Institute of a public policy, the Liberal - the democratic party of Moldova has typed 17,4 % of voices, Liberal party - 16 %, Democratic - 12,5 %, an alliance Our Moldova - 8 %.

the Ruling Communist Party, according to polls, receives 45 places in parliament. The liberal - democrats receive 19 places, liberals - 16, democrats - 13, an alliance Our Moldova - eight. Three parties could not break a five-percentage barrier and to parliament do not get at all.

As have shown polls, the opposition receives 56 mandates. It means that it can generate the government and choose the speaker, and here for election of the president of the country opposition parties do not have not enough five voices - for this purpose, under the country Constitution, 61 voice is necessary.

During polls have talked to 17,385 thousand persons which left from 200 polling districts. Poll error - plus - a minus of 2 % - quotes     RIA Novosti news agency the report of Institute of a public policy following the results of polls.

the Data very optimistical. Usually they hide 5 - 7 % of our electorate. But the basic trend specifies that the party of communists wins again elections. The basic intrigue is saved on counting of votes in the Central election committee. It today the main thing - prokomentiroval results of poll   head of a pre-election staff of communists Mark Tkachuk.