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In Kupchino have detained the killer - the loser

The day before   in the evening in Peter have detained suspected of attempt at murder. By 40 - go militia department there was a young man of an imperceptible exterior. As often happens, the scent has not brought law enforcement officers. They have stopped the guy for check of documents and an identification. While looked the passport, Sergey Kojnov has become nervous, eyes ran. Without giving out interest, militiamen have insisted on examination of personal things:

- Suddenly at you drugs are, - they have explained to the arrested person.

the Burden at Kojnova has appeared where more seriously. Two fire pistols, everyone with loaded 9 - millimetric cartridges shop. The guy have forwarded in department for the further trial. Does not work, we do not judge, lives on Moskovsky prospectus, at the area by Senna. While check a source of its incomes and whose life, probably, employees of private security have rescued, criminal case on illegal storage of the weapon is brought.

militiamen have among themselves nicknamed Kojnova the Macedonian . If Sergey really went on wet business, it the adherent of murder on - makedonski - simultaneously from two hands. This type of shooting is considered among killers the higher pilotage.