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The player Chelyabinsk a Mechel have married off in NHL

On Sunday in Montreal clubs of National hockey league (NHL) have chosen for itself beginners (action is called a draught ) - potential which can get to the basic line-up, and those who already since a following season leaves on ice in NHL championship.

the Best beginner of a draught of Russian championship MHL of this year, 21 - summer   the pupil   Chelyabinsk a Mechel Michael Pashninym, one of the best players of youth Russian national team, a member of the basic command of the country, transatlantic clubs too have become interested. However, Michael has been chosen only at 200 number. However, it and to the best, as it zadraftovan the semifinalist of the Cup Stanley, - the command New York Rejndzhers (under NHL regulations, the club which has taken following the results of the past season higher place, applies for the player in the bottom list of a draught).

the Choice New York Rejndzhers does not mean that tomorrow Pashnin will start to play for this club of NHL. rangers Still should redeem the rights to this player at club of CSKA which has concluded the contract with the defender a Mechel .

Meanwhile, one more Chelyabinsk hockey player, - the player the Tractor Anton Burdasov who was on NHL draught, and has not been chosen by any of clubs. By the way, this draught of NHL became most poor harvest for the Russian players, - all transatlantic commands have taken notice of a seven. For comparison, in 1992 - zadraftovali at once 47 hockey players. On a demand this year on the first place Canadians and Swedes.


Number the Hockey player Role Club
14 Dmitry Kulikov the defender Florida
55 Dmitry Orlov the defender Washington
76 Igor Bobkov the goalkeeper Anaheim
78 Sergey Andronov attacking Sent - Luis
109 Alexander Avtsyn attacking Montreal
122 Anton Klementyev attacking Ajlenders
200 Michael Pashnin the defender Rejndzhers

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