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In the Saratov region the postman tried to bribe the militiaman

In the beginning of May of this year in OVD the statement from inhabitants of village Lipovka Bazarno - Karabulaksky area of the Saratov region has arrived. In the statement it has been told that the local postman received from inhabitants has sat down money resources for payment of utility bills in the overestimated size. Thus it partially appropriated money to herself, or at all did not pay the bill therefore payers had debts.

on May, 5th the woman was called by the police officer for an explanation summer residence on the given fact of swindle. Knowing that for the given act it can be involved in a criminal liability, the postman has passed the militiaman of 1500 roubles, having offered to hush up business .

After that the woman has been immediately detained. As informs SOU SKP across the Saratov region, criminal case for bribery to the official for fulfilment of obviously illegal actions by it (inactivity) is brought. The postman has given grateful evidences, the investigation is carried on.