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In Volgograd the father - the tyrant of three daughters has received 12 years of prison

the Volgograd regional court has sentenced 46 - to the summer inhabitant of Nikolaevsk of Valery Kushchagina who forced three daughters   by 12 years of prison.

we Will remind, this history has happened in August of last year. (  www. From August, 25th, 2008)   With the statement Valery Kushchagina`s senior stepdaughter has come to militia then - Sasha. With itself   it has resulted younger - 13 - summer sister Tanju. Both have told that the father forced them some years. Could not avoid stickings of the father - the pedophile and the average sister - 16 - letnjaju to Vick. To sexual harassments of the father of the daughter were exposed as soon as by it it was executed 8 - 9 years.

As the senior inspector of Pallasovsky interdistrict investigatory department of the SOU of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region Vasily Gura,   has informed; During preliminary investigation it was possible to prove only 7 episodes of criminal activity of the pedophile. Though victim told about more than 100 cases of violations.
the court has sentenced the man to 12 years of imprisonment, and the fault he and did not recognise.