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The motorcar giant of Tatarstan enters the foreign markets with support Mercedes - Benz

On it the questions, concerning results of activity of Open Society " were considered; KAMAZ for 2008. With the report the General director of Open Society " has acted; KAMAZ Sergey Kogogin. He has noticed that despite objective economic difficulties, KAMAZ remained the leader in the market of cargo technics in Russia and has continued development on our foreign commodity markets.

from the point of view of technical development, - Sergey Kogogin, - in 2008 " has told; KAMAZ has made a considerable step forward. The company since January, 2008 has begun transition to release of the cars which are meeting the requirements of ecological standards Euro - 3 . Very important and in the future, despite of crisis to continue to invest in technical development of a product .

the General director has noticed also that in December, 2008 German concern Daimler AG has got 10 % of actions of Open Society KAMAZ that became the beginning of new mutually advantageous strategic partnership of two motor-car manufacturers.

Rustam Minnikhanov, the prime minister - the minister of the government of Republic Tatarstan, has declared: - It is necessary to recognise that sometimes we unfairly underestimate the possibilities. Scientific and technical potential KAMAZa meets the world requirements. During the last years the company converts very much a close attention on an innovation, knowingly our partner - Daimler the company number one in the world.

it was supported by Gubertus Troska, the executive vice-president Daimler AG :

- My opinion: on KAMAZe management in the conditions of crisis is carried out very successfully, and the Russian government gives essential support KAMAZu . Our purpose - to provide more powerful presence of the company Mercedes - Benz in Russia and to give necessary support KAMAZu that it became stronger and successful.