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In the Russian Arkhangelsk have constructed the ship of Vikings

More thousand years ago nice Norwegian leader Ottar has told to English king Alfredu Great about the swimming in the White sea to   to coast of legendary Bjarmii.

Historians argue till now on, leah Ottaru was possible to reach a mouth of Northern Dvina where 600 years later after its swimming the Russian city of Arkhangelsk has been put.

But now Arkhangelsk has received the own ship of Vikings constructed by the international command, consisting of artists, sculptors and carpenters of Germany, Norway and Russia.

Huge 12 - the metre wooden vessel has been opened in a court yard of Oporno - the rehabilitation centre for children with the limited possibilities where it will be used as a playground for children - patients of this centre.

However it not unique mission of the ship which will minister a platform and for other social events of a city.

the Director of the Archangelical youth theatre Victor Panov, which actors have arranged special representation in day of a bookmark of a vessel, has already declared that the ship will be one of scenic platforms of annual festival of street theatres which passes these days in Arkhangelsk.

On a broader scale opening ceremony of the ship of Vikings already became special event of festival, and spectators with delight observed of occurrence from cabin of a vessel of the present Vikings which fought, fell overboard, embraced, battled on wooden sabres. In general conducted   the normal way of life peculiar to this aggressive nation. It were actors of the Norwegian cultural centre the Cult from Tromsyo, whose acrobatic representation ministered a cheerful background during vessel opening ceremony.

Victor Panov has already promised that within the limits of following festival of street theatres will put on a deck of the ship of Vikings special representation Crimson sails for children with the limited possibilities.

the Idea of the project belongs to German sculptor Wolfgang Shtjubneru and its Russian colleague Rashidu Sagadeevu known in Russia and abroad for the snow and ice sculptures, fiery installations and pictorial works.

Some years ago they have met in Germany on one of festivals and since then bore teamwork plans in Russia. It already the sixth ship for Wolfgang, but, as he said, the Archangelical ship - biggest of all on which he worked.

Their friends and colleagues Ren Gedike from Germany, Truborn Gundersen and Ivan Galuzin and Sergey Potashev from Arkhangelsk have made that tremendous command to which managed to finish building of all for a month of Norway.

the Expert of committee in culture of administration of the Arkhangelsk region Natalia Shpanova co-ordinating the project from the Russian side, believes that the ship of Vikings should not be considered as the individual project.

This ship becomes one of symbols of the friendship which has developed between the Arkhangelsk region and Northern Norway - she has declared, informs an information portal norge. ru referring to The Norwegian Barents Secretariat.