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The inhabitant of Volgograd has found a snake at itself in apartment

Sabbatical evening for the inhabitant of Dzerzhinsky area has ended with a surprise. Having come home the man as usual was engaged in domesticities and only after a while has paid attention that near to his foot something moves. To horror of the man, it there was a frightening kind a viper. To struggle with a creeping creature independently owner of apartment has not dared and has dialled number of rescuers.

- the Call has arrived on the panel about seven o`clock in the evening, - have informed “KP“ in rescue service. - experts needed some minutes to catch a snake.

that a viper has appeared in apartment - it is no wonder. A grass growing near to the house and a private sector being through road - favorable conditions for quiet dwelling of snakes. And to get on the ground floor of an inhabited brick building for creeping creatures as easy as shelling pears.

Advice “KP“

What to do if you have met a snake